Mean of access to the otherwise unreachable - or moving a lifestyle toy to it's actual signification...? Who knows the difference; - there is always the encounter with the wilderness, but also the certain thrill of the task finally to reach it.
were often 4WD ones - but a suitable vehicle was not always available. Anyway - you have to try your best...
A small Citroen with the hydraulic suspension on high position came surprisingly close to a true 4WD, - on some of the worst roads of Swaziland, Botswana, SWA/Namibia and the South African Republic.
Joining friends (and other individuals..) from a club for expedition travels for some rough expeditions, cruising through heavy sand, unviable rocks, and nothings of a track. Heavy challenges for the 4WD drivers, and equally for the cameras on board.
Sidesteps from skin diving expeditions to the Red Sea. It was the ideal time - the Israelis were just to leave, and the Egyptians had not yet started to destroy the great wilderness by hotel chains and other touristic trash.
COSTA RICA "A 4WD with high ground clearence is essential" was stated in the excellent Moon Travel guidebook for a track down to the Pacific coast. Thank goodness the economy size rental car did not know about this...
The Wild West meant freedom, nature and adventure. Again some inferior rental cars went beyond their virtual capacity, surviving gigantic forests, endless deserts, rocky gorges, and, pretty close, a number of swamps. Sadly the former "land of the free" is in respect of visitors still suffering from a time of political disability and abuse.
Donkey tracks as the only access to the last refuges of a rare species birds of prey and many other endangered species - again a must for a high clearence cross country vehicle. Science meets adventure...
ROMANIA The "Wild East of Europe" offers unexpected freedom, responsibility and selfsufficiency. Despite many centuries of cultivation the country still bears the adventure to discover it's strong and undestroyed nature.
KARPATIAN MNTs. 4WD competitions in the way of an expedition to the unknown: to the Karpatian mountains in all their beauty and remoteness - and a big touch of freedom in this world so often ruled by a bunch of shabby burocrats. (Film Information)
UKRAINE A torture for the trucks close to the limits of the possible... The winter was just loosing it's grip towards a mixture of ice, mud and puddles - certainly a guaranty to meet some widely unspoiled wilderness.
An area creating ambiguous feelings - half seems destroyed by exploitation, half forbitten. But there are still regions which allow a reasonable amount of freedom, as remote and difficult to access that you need a 4WD too.
COMPETITIONS Adventure Trophy 1997 and Expedition Trophy 1999 - as well as some other similar events in Romania - were covered by CAM 3001 so far, the first in a huge five camera enterprise, the latter ones including an even increasing bunch of very specially adaptated equipment. - True tasks for the expedition vehicles - and for the film team as well.

Trailer: THE CHALLENGE ...if you cannot play the film clips. Trailer: 4WD Desert
(opening of the
Adventure Trophy 1997 Film)
Trailer: Super-K Trailer: Rough Road G Slide Show: 4WD
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