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CAM 3001's TV series on an independent artists' association in Vienna's “Montmartre" (i.e. 2nd and 20th district) came out as a very successful program!

An independent TV station in Vienna transmitted not even via some public cable networks but offered the program also worldwide as live stream too.

The seamy side of this excellent cooperation was the need of funding the program without any contribution of the community TV station - this leaves sooner or later to shift towards a commercial station as the only choice
A DVD edition of the episodes published so far goes even further supplying an improved director's cut without the limitations of a narrow time schedule.

The current break should allow the very welcome shift of the whole project and the idea behind - a new station with sufficient funds will enable the team to put even further efford and time into this exceptional art project.

The transfer to new goals will result in a new name for the program - which is not decided yet.

Anyway: all announcements will be published here in time.


The film on the
Expedition Trophy 1997

Now on DVD too!

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"Life is a sexually transmitted disease..."

Terrorism is the
War of the Poor.

War is the
Terrorism of the Rich.

("Rettet die G'stätt'n!!!" -
for all Austrian natives)

We are approaching a society where half of the world is destroyed by "development" and half of it is forbitten due to "conservation".

Conservation of the nature is increasingly important, - but humans need a place of freedom too, where one can enjoy some adventure, f.i. to make campfires or build tree houses for children, to kayak, to swim, to cycle, to dive; where dogs can chase around or dig a hole etc. ... without any conservation, forestry, fishery, hunting or whatsoever collisions - but also without the "concrete and cultivation greed" of some landowners or the governments.

The USA - a worldwide model for a strict national park protection system - had established that other rather free protection area system as well: a mostly rather liberal network of their public lands, state forests, and national forests.
But even here in Europe areas still exist lacking any primary usage strategies - deserted industrial areas where nature came back in her surprising power, "forgotten" pieces of land etc. All this usually will be converted sooner or later into strictly administrated "green space", (or much worse of course, to built up areas) - thus unnecessarily disciplining the little freedom of usage by a dominating mastery over the citicens.

>>Rettet die G'stätt'n!<<

"The scientific theory I like best is
that the rings of Saturn are composed
entirely of lost airline luggage."
(Mark Russell)
For all her fans...
Slide Show: Laura


If work were really so wonderful,
then why did the rich leave it to the poor?
(Song from Haiti)

Don´t try to be perfect,
human is good enough.

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