Waterworlds, - above the water level...

Canoeing as a mean to investigate nature, as a medium to enjoy outdoor sports, and recreation. 2/3 of our world is covered by water, the edge effect created unbeleavable biotops in the inter-reaction areas. To reach these miracles the way over the water is the solution.

Due to the short distance a main focus for CAM 3001 are the Danube floodplains. Numerous photo and film documentaries were made, partly as a support to the campains to save the area. The seamy side of those successful actions are now severe restrictions for boating in this area, and commercializing the few remains for the masses. Subsequently CAM 3001's main boating activities were moved on, leading to a film project on a river and even to first boating expeditions in unusual and remote areas.

For navigating rivers a form of amphibian movement was developed by adding bicycles and a foldable trailer. Both find room on the boat even on a 2 person expedition, for cycling back on land the gear is stored in the trailer.

Trailer: Canoe
Slide Show: Canoe
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