Former part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Croatia is now on the way back to peace after the cruel war at the Balkan peninsula. There was too much sacrificed to violence and fighting, but two things have not changed at all: the people kept their big hospitality - and their great ability to celebrate life...
Griffon vulture
Paralelled with the activities in the Alps a CAM 3001 project on the fate of the griffon vulture is still in operation, covering in addition a vast range of the other aspects of the islands.
The Sheep

Insistingly she looks at you with her expressive eyes, just as if she would be able to speak to you: "Give me some bread. – – Please!".
Her patience is incredible, when she waits for you to come to the closed gate.
But when you finally leave her, now with empty hands, you have the feeling she had given something to you…

The Sea

A symphony of rocks and water, in a permanent motion of pictures, that are never repeating themselfes.
One might think to know all colours and structures, but a whole life-time would be far too short…

The Trees

In early spring the leaves don‘t yet enmantle the bare branches, giving the appearence of begging hands raised up into the sky.
But what are they begging for?

The Griffons

Migrators in a blue sky, they dominate the air with their skills of flight leaving us earth-bound existences behind with a feeling of admiration and desire.
We investigate them, we protect them - but we will never be able to glide with them along the cliffs and up the thermals to the aerial views of Apsyrtides.

The Muka

Life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ – written to the melody of the medieval Croatian language.
Actors and viewers merge, becoming themselves a part of this eternal story…

The Village

Fading away in beauty, but not yet quite gone - nature reconquers man‘s territory: these are the remote and often deserted villages of the Tramuntana.
Many people have left - so we have to admire those who are still there - like a solitary tree fighting a sea of sand...

(Texts displayed in English and Croatian at the CAM 3001 photo exhibitions in Rijeka and in Beli)
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