Waterworlds, below water level... It is hard to imagine what an abundance of life forms here exists. The beam of a torch opens up the magic world of colors which are otherwise hidden in the depth, due the only remaining blue-colored light .
To submerge the head for the first time in the Red Sea was the final impulse to complete a diving licence. Even at these first snorkeling adventures a waterproof S8 camera was already in use, subsequently a tool to gather a lot of experience. Today digital video has widely replaced the film-based gear in UW moving images.
Sinai Malpelo Isla del Coco Mediterranean Sordwana Bay
Adventures at the Sinai Peninsula bear the character of desert expeditions. Moses needed 40 years to lead his people through, but in the meantime a lot has changed. Home of the Beduins, the old lifestyle of nomadic living with camels is vanishing rapidly. It will not even need a few generations to reach the stage of a globally widely exchangable TV and internet society. Another piece of our planet's biodiversity is going to vanish...
Visiting the mainland of la Isla del Coco is an extraordinary event. There is neither a touristic infrastructure nor a regular access in respect of this unique and exceptional insular territory. Only the few diving vessels include the possibility to make some landings with hiking expeditions - unfortunately bearing a strong conflict with the dense diving schedules.

Scientific and administrational posts exist on land, but one may stay for a longer time only included in official duties on the island. Currently the protective status is that of a national park. The declaration as a World Natural Heritage Site and as an important wetland according to the RAMSAR convention followed.

An own foundation for the protection of this natural treasure was established in 1994.

La Isla Del Coco Sinai Peninsula
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