DV Video
It seems that this digital format bears the chance to democratize the making of films - but also the danger to mistake the easy opportunity for the availability of talent and skills - never before such a mess of rubbish was produced.
Apple G4
CAM 3001 could gather most experience with Apple machines. The increasing speed of the motherboards will improve the features again dramatically.

The resulting non-linear method allows a rapid working flow as well as many new effects which generally were not possible before.

For the serious cinematographer all steps of postproduction may be united now in one machine. Hence the possibilitiy is there to create a very personal view, liberated from the need to meet strict market requirements.

Final Cut Pro
FCP, though a rather new development, covers most of the needs of a one-person creativity process.

It is not at all restricted to DV, but is already able since v. 4.5. to manage even high definition video too.

16 / S16mm Film
The time of traditional editing on rushes will soon reach it's end, though shooting on S16 negative will certainly go on for a while, especially in nature and other documentary.
Steenbeck 6 plate
Film editing is still in use for certain segments and special requirements.

A combination method is not always possible, so for long-time projects, as they often occur in (wildlife-) documentary, special adaptations are necessary.

Especially high quality slow motion is still to a high percentage a monopoly of film - a major feature in artistic or scientific movement recording.
Watch the trailers "The Challenge" as an example of a non-linear edit with basic equipment.

Watch the trailer "Gypaetus" as a glimpse (due to the limited internet tranfer rate) for the high quality of Super16 film shots in 150 frames / sec slow motion (=1:6) while using a 600mm lens.

Trailer: Editing
Slide Show: Editing
Watch the trailers "Q202 Vision 2006/1", "Super-K" and "Auffi muaß i..." as recent examples of advanced FCP edit.
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