The moving image constitutes a central position in the forms of artistic expression, - most other techniques may flow into an overall cinematographic work, photography as well as writing, composing as well as graphical works....
In Production

This page will display compilations from various sources, selected from rushes as well as from finished works.

Trailer: Super-K
Trailer: Q202 Vision
Trailer: Clip # 3
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Slide Show: Locations
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A number of different formats is used, due to the tasks to meet, the aim to be reached - and (unfortunately) to the funds available. The rapid development in technology makes things possible one could just dream of a few years ago, but here a careful selection is needed, balancing between the high quality requirements and the loss of otherwise not affordable project ideas.

Future is now - Web TV is going to be a further thrilling experience, bearing the possibility of a complete democratisation of film making, especially in respect of distribution - the (theoretical) audience consist of the millions all around the world. CAM 3001 is here busy too to investigate the fascinating chances for the future.