contains a wide field of subjects, mainly on 35mm slides. The collection below can show here just a small segment. Especially smaller series could not be included. Infrequent updates will cover the various fields alternating in the future.

USA W S FL NW Central America Desert Wildlife UW Photography
Nature Zoos Domestic Animals Arts Greece

includes 16/S16mm film, digital video (DV) and some old archives on DS8 film. These contains quite a number of historical material (f.i. the Hainburg 1984 material, the documentation of one of the last possible visits to the Tamil North of Sri Lanka before the civil war had damaged vast areas, and some material from a Sudan visit). Again various examples will be presented here in the future.

Gypaetus Central America Wildlife Travel & Adventure UW Video
Both libraries run currently on individual requests, special requirements can be met soon due to re-shooting opportunity.