"Some of the splendid things of life ..."
(to be continued...)
SAILING Cruising the infinite waters on the way to reach the dream of a paradise, hideaway from just somewhere and everyday. Far out one may meet with the never ending realm of the waves where he might have to wait again for a breeze. Leave it on the wind to decide where to go - then you just might have learned what freedom is ...
Nature's own shape... THE GARDEN ..in cooperation with the (more or less) creative touch of the humans. There is a wide variety of man's influence on his respective share of nature, from a sensible support of a widely untouched paradise to a disciplining mastery over the kingdom of plants.
Gliding down the crystal slopes of spraying snow, passing landscapes of gentle hills or steep and rocky mountains, - a constant encounter with the ever new varieties of magnificent landscapes; mastering the various forces affecting your body, while you are enjoying the... SKIING ...aesthetics of motion - and the thrill of speed.
Another liaison of the arts - of movement, music, expression, of tradition, exotics, choreography, fashion and design. All these combine together to offer to your senses the fugitive symphony of beauty ... THE DANCE
Meeting people all over the world, sharing their welcome, their warmth and their hospitality, their sorrows and their laughter... - that is the way of life as we understand it. You rarely find this in the ghetto of a hotel or in any other tourist accumulations; to encounter them you have to travel often far away, passing harsh and bumpy roads to reach their communities. But every mile of it is worthwhile... LIFE