Specimens of CAM 3001 music, mainly used as scores for in-house movie enterprises. Most of he pieces were created on Korg i-2 and/or the genuine sounds of GarageBand/SoundTrack, mostly in a combined method of improvisation and composition.
"Ungarn" (Hungary)
from the film
"The Challenge"
"The Duo which became a Trio due to Laura the Dog": - a piece from Stefan Heckel's Improvising Music Nights, performed and improvised by Robert Kucera (AltoSax), Herbert Kogler (Piano) and Laura the Dog (CollarPercussion). Several musicians gathered once a month to meet spontanously in different small fusions to improvise their musical pieces of Jazz and even far beyond.
Thanks to
Stefan Heckel's enthusiasm this creative enterprise was a true milestone in Vienna's Free Music community. Everybody was welcome, (nearly) all kind of musical expression was accepted.
Trailer: Variations # 2
Listen also to the sound score of... Trailer: The Challenge (The Title Music)
and Trailer: Q202 VISION.
Currently the improvisation technique using MIDI is improved by the means of computer based sequencer programs (especially GarageBand and SoundTrack), adding a graphical influence to the improvisation method.
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