A never ending sequence of surprise for those who have learned to see, to listen, to observe; to smell, to touch, to feel... One day the visual arts might combine with the sensations for all our senses, but even then the reality will not be reached.

Film is always a personal selection, but what would be objective? Even a 24 hour observation from a fixed point is very much depending on one's decision where the camera is posted, where it is aimed to, and at which focal length (= angle of vision).

So what is wrong with creativity, when strict objectivism is impossible anyway? CAM 3001 deliberately has chosen to include the arts, - the "best" picture possible instead of the boredom of a great message packed in lousy visuals, as so often seen in many important environmental documentaries.

The Alps Wetlands Macrocosmos Biotopes Croatian Islands
Jungle The Sea Seewinkel Danube River Konrad Lorenz' Geese
CAM 3001 is open to nature in all her variety, limited mainly by funds and amount of time. The linked images above lead to some of our major activity areas.
Trailer: Nature
Slide Show: Nature
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