June 2006, Vienna
Q202 Vision is now established as a very successful film project: overwhelmingly positive critics encourage CAM 3001 to continue this non-commercial enterprise.
Q202 Vision 2006/2 gave a first impression from this year's Q202 Atelierrundgang ('studio walk-around'), where a large number of Q202 affiliates presented their art to the very interested public in their own particular working environments.
One major aim of this TV series is to create a
congenial cinematographic counterpart to the artistic expression of the artists portrayed in these films; far away from the usual "head salad" and "picture radio" of the established TV machinery.
March/April 2006, Vienna
The joint enterprise between Q202 (the independent artists' association of Vienna's 2nd and 20th district) and CAM 3001 is now on the move: the new series of documentary films was started now to be broadcasted on a new local Vienna community channel - and very soon also worldwide on streaming video (details and transmission schedule will be published on CAM 3001's [Up-to-Date] subpage).
The work to produce these film portraits of this wide variety of artists is also an ever thrilling challenge to introduce new creation techniques, therefore allowing a large amount of freedom.

Find here the Trailer of the first episode!
January 2006, Vienna
i:m:n - the second series of the Improvising Music Nights - again became a regular institution now.

Under the committed supervision of Hans Heisz and as a part of his cultural initiative Q202, i:m:n presents an open forum to a music created in the moment of the performance.

joint venture with CAM 3001 aims to the documentation of the various concerts and subsequently to the postproduction in the context of a regular TV series on all activities of Q202 for transmission.
May 2005, Romania
Snow, rain and mud, and impassable tracks high up in the mountains - this was a long winter's heritage for the competitors of a 4WD trophy this year again in the breathtaking beauty of the Karpatian mountains in Romania.
Nevertheless the documentary work for this event was all but an easier task for CAM 3001 and it's additional camera units, including the helmet camera of a cross-country motor-cyclist and the on-board cameras of some competitors. Heavy rains led all electronics close to breakdown and nearly prevented all cameramen from ever getting dry during the whole event.
March 2005, USA
Big success for CAM 3001: the worldwide renowned Digital Video forum 2-pop.com, based in Los Angeles / California, had organized it's first video editing competition for "the craziest, densest, most creative and even arty looking timelines".
CAM 3001 entered with this screenshot from the edit work of the film trailer "Auffi muaß i..." (right; click for enlarge), reached here the finals and finally was awarded as the overall winner.
Yes, this is indeed good news for a small filmmaker from a little country in the heart of Europe. So thanks a lot, and a special big "thank you" to all supporters!!! - it is a good feeling to get such a positive response to one's work.
December 2004, Lower Austria
The Battle of Hainburg - Austria's most decisive nature conservation event - celebrates it's 20th anniversary.

A number of nature activists gathered once again near the historic sites of the rescue demonstrations and fights for the Danube riverine forests, in the little village of Stopfenreuth.

Yes, the old spirit was still there, but unfortunately as well as the threat for this incredible wilderness area - now by obviously unavoidable plans for some major highway crossings of the area, and by quite unsensitively designing the Danube's shape to suit for large ship traffic.

November 2004, Vienna
Stefan Heckel's Improvising Music Nights in a little backyard theater in Vienna's 2nd district mean a series of informal sessions of small improvising ensembles.

This enterprise started in May 2003 and usually is held once a month.

A sample of the 25.11.2004 workshop can be seen and heared on this website.

>>> (The CAM 3001Clip!)

October 2004, England
A high class panel of scientific and conservational celebrities performed the opening evening of Bristol's (and probably the world's) largest wildlife film festival Wildscreen.

Among them were David Attenborough, Richard Leakey and once again Jane Goodall.

Workshops, lectures, presentations, an industrial show and a number of social gatherings rounded up this 6-day-event.

CAM 3001 could present a number of work samples and projects.

September 2004, Lower Austria
Full house for CAM 3001's "SUPER-K" (the film about a 4WD Trophy in Romania) :

an impressive number of outdoor friends gathered together for the world premiere in some Lower Austria county-side inn, - as well as several film enthusiasts and as particular fans of CAM 3001.

The generally positive response showed the well appreciated estimation for this dedicated and ambitious piece of work.

August 2004, Carinthia
The second issue of the Buschrock Music Festival once again took place at the Wimmitz wetlands close to St.Veit's Schloß Weyer.

Initiator Maximilian Liebich and his team created an unique atmosphere, covering a wide musical range with the four performing formations 3minor, Melodrom, Audiophil and Psycho P.

The material for a - hopefully soon to be finished - CAM 3001 film documentation was shot via a three-camera enterprise, designed to be released as tape or disk.

June 2004, Czech Republic
The "White Craw" (Bíla Vráná), a newly founded cultural center in Prague, hosted an international festival for music and dance.

Fritz Novotny, "spiritus rector" of the well-known Reform Art Unit, gathered an impressive number of improvising musician friends for this first time event.

CAM 3001 added a congenial video documentation to this unification of the arts, liberating the camera to join the dancers with their movements in close-up visuals, and permanently changing the camera from the fixed tripod to the gliding hand-held position.

May 2004, Romania
The first issue of a new expedition-style trophy certainly has set a new standard for 4WD competitions.

Shooting the video documentation "Super-K" of this extraordinary event in the incredible landscape of the Karpatian mountains

- this meant both work and outdoor living together in a thrilling combination of adventure and of the deep impression of a landscape and people in a kind we have lost here in the "West" already for decades.

April 2004, Ukraine

Expedition To The Unknown ... - a number of adventure specialists were once again on the move to visit a country which is relatively undiscovered for the international community of travellers.

We found Ukraine rich in culture and tradition; - certainly poor in living on one side, but widely unspoiled on the other one.

The pure attraction of our presence led in many cases to a warm and open wellcome - and to a high interest for our well-equipped 4WD expedition vehicles.

Despite of the limited time for this first encounter CAM 3001 could use this good opportunity to cover the many aspects of the Transkarpathian area for a new video documentary.

December 2003, Vienna

Laura certainly did not know who was giving her a hug: Jane Goodall obviously spreads her sympathy not only to her beloved chimpanzees, but to so many other creatures on earth among them dogs are said to be some of her favorites.

Jane Goodall has visited Vienna - and all her fans gathered to welcome her.

Arriving late for a reception at the British embassy due to heavy fog over London at her first evening, she opened 11.12.2003 a new Austria branch of her worldwide operating Jane Goodall Institute.

The opening took place in the new Rain Forest House at the Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn), together with zoo director Helmut Pechlaner and the two initiaters of JGI-Austria, Melissa Tauber and Walter Inmann.

The visit to a retirement place for the laboratory chimpanzees of a drug company meant a big relief to Jane Goodall - she discovered the excellent living conditions at present as a true contradistinction to the bare imprisonment cages at the time of their experimental misuse.

(Upper photograph and roll-over: Michael Neugebauer)

November 2003, Vienna
Another cooperation with Reform Art Unit (the Austria based avantgarde formation around multi-instrumentalist Fritz Novotny) took place in the marvellous ambiente of Vienna's Museum of the 20th Century ("Museum des XX.Jahrhunderts").
The present threat of the museum refers to the liberal spirit of the arts presented here as well as to the open atmosphere of the building.

In connection with a four day event to preserve the museum in it's present shape and spirit, an impressive number of artists gathered in a powerful artistic workshow demonstration, among them the R.A.U. derived "Improvising Seven" with one of their extraordinary concerts.

CAM 3001 made a full documenmtation of R.A.U.'s "Homage to a Museum" via a 2 camera single-operated enterprise.

R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20


R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20 • R.A.U. • m20

September/Oktober 2003, USA
CAM 3001's last USA film trip lead once more to the magnificent red rocks of Southern Utah / Arizona and to the manatees of Florida's west coast.

A number of rarely visited areas unveiled hidden secrets off the beaten tracks. Special adaptations were applied to use the various means of transport even as the substitute for a film dolly.

Excellent maps and the use of a GPS allowed the access to all these side steps, despite the rather tight schedule and an inferiour car.

September 2003, USA
Meeting once again Dr.Jane Goodall and encounters with Dr.George Schaller and Ted Turner were among the highlights of this year's Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, held again in the Grand Teton NP in Wyoming.

Schaller received the Lifetime Award of the festival, Goodall joined several panels in connection with honouring Africa's Gabon for it's extraordinary activities in creating preservation areas for the threatened Congo Basin, and gave a touching outline of her current wordwide chimpanzee activities. The talk with Turner focused on his approach to nature - showing a true conservationist, far beyond of being just the founder of CNN.

August 2003, Rauris
Rauris and it's committed mountain cottage inn-keeper Nikanor Granegger hosted the opening of the Bearded Vulture photo exhibition by Dr.H.Kogler / CAM 3001 at Granegger's Heimalm-Gallery in the heart of the Austrian Alps in 1482 m altitude.

The managing director of the local Rauriser Hochalmbahnen AG cableway systems, Erich Hutter, presented on this occation an award of recognition to the author, mentioning especially the impressive number of years of good cooperation in connection with his film and photo documentation work in the bearded vulture conservation scheme.

LINK: to the Heimalm website (in German language, many pictures)

June/July 2003, Carinthia
Laura going Hollywood !!?! - International top star and Oscar winner Maximilian Schell donated at least his very special attention to the dog and her owner during a break at the outdoor shooting for a feature film project of the Wörthersee-experienced Lisa-Film, "Alles Glück dieser Erde" ('All happyness on earth').
A few days later dog and master gave a short appearance as a patient and her owner leaving the veterinary practice of "Dr.med.vet." Peter Simonischek (was 2003 and 2004 the "Jedermann" in this famous Salzburg play) while passing the approaching Bavarian actrice Uschi Glas.
Simonischek performs a very special veterinarian in this "heartwarming" family story about a riding school, directed by Carinthia born Otto Retzer.
CAM 3001 contributed a "making-of" video, mainly assigned for the private archives of the veterinary adviser Dr.W.Liebich.
May 2003, Romania

Cruising "Dracula's country" added a new and unexpected facet to the knowledge of the European continent.
The documentation work for this 4WD expedition was the start of a fascinating series of journeys to the great landscapes of a living past of ourselves and of our agricultural traditions - and to some big friendliness and hospitality of the inhabitants.
Hopefully all this will survive the unavoidable pressure of that what is estimated by a number of people as "progress". More on our Romania subpage!
August 2002, Danube River

The Big Flood of several rivers of Central Europe brought severe suffering to millions of people, who lost their houses, cars and often their entire property. These tragic events kept the news media busy for weeks. Subsequently the innudation had shifted downstream the major draining rivers like the Danube.

CAM 3001 focused on the other important aspect of this spate, the influence on nature. Floodplain forests are dependent on regular flooding to maintain their character as a riverine forest, so such an event has to be seen here as a part of the natural cycle.

Similar to 1991 when there was the last big deluge, several canoe expeditions and cross-water hikes were CAM 3001's means to document this 'event of a century'. Find here more added to the Danube subpage.

May 2002, Gastein Valley

The international reintroduction project for the Bearded Vulture in the Alps went back to it's initial release province, Salzburg - but not quite, as the traditional site in the Rauris valley is currently occupied by a territorial pair.

And these two birds seem more than willing to chase away any youngster released, as previous experiences already showed.

Again CAM 3001 continued the long-time coverage of this project by documenting the event, taking place in the Anlauftal near Böckstein / Bad Gastein.

May 2001 & 2002, Istria

Alpine ski champion Janica Kostelic, all-Croatia's darling (due to her four [3x gold] medals at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City / Utah / USA), payed an unexpected visit to the participants of "Humanijada 2002".

Her dense training schedule unfortunately did not allow her to present the cups to the various winners in this international students' sports tournament (2002 again organized by a number of Croatian students, taking place this time in Umag / Istria).

The mixed volleyball team of the Vienna Veterinary University students (inclusive one qualified vet...) participated once more in the men's competition.

The final 3rd position among the generally all men teams definitely would have been worth a "Janica handshake"...

The year before in Pula / Istria the Austrians had showed a good performance, but there was not really a chance for a top place and a cup.

Anyway Dr.H.Kogler was elected at that time as "Mr.Humanijada 2001", certainly an appreciation for the small Austrian team - and some form of aknowledgement for the oldest contestant in the tournament.

(Meeting old friends in 2003 and 2004 unfortunately failed: the participation at those issues of Humaniada had to be cancelled due to unsufficient people able to attend.)

January 2002, Vienna

Laura, (nearly) everybody's darling, had a severe accident. She ran into a moving car and ended up stuck right under the engine. Her guardian angel was surely on full alert, as she only suffered from a number of painful skin-abrasions all over the body, and a peeling cavity around the left knee, reaching as deep as to the muscles.

At day 5 the drain - a plastic tube in the wound cavity - was removed by the patient herself, as well as both of the sutures not much later on. At day 17 Laura's neck-funnel was finally off; two more days of bandage over the knee were a permanent challenge for her to remove that "nuisance".

In the meantime Laura has fully recovered and chases around as ever before.

Click on this picture !

September/ October 2001, USA/Canada

The Pacific Northwest showed it's best Indian Summer colors during the CAM 3001 travel activities in this area. After attending the wildlife film festival in Wyoming‘s Grand Teton N.P., a 10000 km trip was layed through S-Idaho, NW-Nevada, and N-California and it's nature areas, to the Pacific coast north of Los Angeles.

The tour was continued north to Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta.

Find the PacificNW subpage on the [Travel] Menu (all updates to be announced on [Up-To-Date]).