Meeting a truely fascinating mixture of a traditional lifestyle based on centuries of agricultural work with all it's architectural and cultural treasures - and on the other hand of a counterworld of struggling into "progress" - this is Romania at the begin of the third millenium.
The prize is high for that desired little comfort in living - years of drudgery in the tempting west, families teared apart and an increasing disbalance between the more or less poor and those few winding their way through the chasms of opportunism.
But despite of all poverty the social structures in the villages are still intact in an admirable way - so we just can hope that all this will survive the obviously inevitable globalisation monster.
You can find log houses built the same way since centuries - and for centuries, - you can meet a life in harmony with nature and her creatures, - you may find landscapes formed throughout a whole line of human generations but still not spoiled at all by technocratism and by the madness of dirigism and of concrete...
Adventures in the great wilderness of Romania's forest tracks - and the encounter with a number of people incredible by their hospitality and their friendliness - these are just two facets of that country far in the east, ... of which are more to come, due to the continued joint activities of CAM 3001 with some people in the field of travel expeditions.
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