Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia... - Embedded between the South Chinese Sea and the Andaman Sea as well as a number of smaller parts of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, South East Asia contains an incredible number of cultures and worlds on it's own. Their richness is based on a number of religions which exist together rather peacefully, ancient Animistic remains with Hinduism as well as Islam with Buddhism and Chinese Taoism, and also with minor fractions of the Christian religions.

And - as if this seems not enough, nature was full of generosity to create a paradise. Jungles and mountains, rivers and islands, and an incredible coastline combine to a tropical Eden.

Human influence had been beneficial for a long period of time, leading to some of the most incredible man-made landscapes such as the rice terraces of Bali island or Philippine Mindanao. Unfortunately in the last deceades a severe plundering of nature has started, leading to a frightingly rapid and vast exstinction of the rain forests' (- not anylonger -) so eternal wonders.

CAM 3001's activities in this region date back even to the times of rather limited abuse of landscape and nature. Encounters with a number of extraordinary people had made a deep impact and impression - the lonely fisherman on the small Malaysian island and his little family with all their hospitality, the young Indian guy with his charming sister leading us around in the capital with his true and open-minded heart of friendship, the former English officer inviting us to a trip following far up a jungle river dispite his severe suffering from poliomyelitis, the numerous Batik artists of Java who need to give lectures as well just to survive despite of all their talents, the young lady teacher with her smile full of the Asian mysteries ...
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