Michaela Gruber holds a diploma for Watsu, a combination of WAter and ShiaTSU, using the wider known Shiatsu techniques together with the beneficial influence of well tempered water by it's movement massage and it's decrease of gravity.
In cooperation with CAM 3001 a combination with stimulations for the various senses was attempted. Especially optical and acustical influences may combine to a pleasant increase of the harmony of body and soul.
In addition to the positive effect of Watsu, CAM 3001 starts on various requests to create a number of meditative videos. Using strictly artistic camera work on positive themes linked with soundtracks of relaxing character combine to programs leading the soul to a refreshing journey far away from every day's stress and unrest. (Coming soon)
Trailer: WATSU
Slide Show: WATSU
(coming soon)
(coming soon)